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my daughter is my proud/a short emotional story

My Daughter is my proud

         Today I am going to tell a short story about a girl. She is neglected because she is a girl.  In India in a remote area, huge girls are killed. If in a family is born a girl, then it is a curse. They give more importance to the boy because the boys take the family forward. They give more importance to the boys because the boys take the family forward. But they don't know, a girl is the main part to forward any family. let's start..... 

               Ramu is an Auto Rickshaw driver. He is 32 years old. He has an old mother. One day Ramu's mother told Ramu please you marry and show my grandson's face. Ramu said no I won't marry. His mother was crying and told Ramu, I will die without seeing my grandson's face. Ramu understood and he said ok I will marry. His mother was looking for a girl for her son. 

            Ramu had a girlfriend, her name is rupa. Ramu's mother selected a girl for her son. But Ramu told his mother, he loves a girl very much and will marry her. His mother did not agree but at last, she agreed.

            Ramu married. He was so careful about his wife. Six months later, Ramu's wife was pregnant. Ramu and his mother demanded a son. So rupa was in tension. She thought What will happen if my daughter comes. Ramu's mother said Rupa, give me a grandson. Rupa was scared as the delivery date was coming.

father and daughter

             Rupa was admitted to hospital and a beautiful girl was born. But Rupa's husband and her mother-in-law didn't come to meet her. Rupa was crying and thinking about her loving day.

               Now rupa returned to her home. But her husband and his mother started to misbehaved with Rupa. Ramu and his mother beat her. They told Rupa to leave her daughter along the road. But Rupa wasn't agreed. Her husband became cruel on rupa. He told I can't give you money to maintain your daughter. She started looking for work door to door. She got work. She carried her daughter and worked together. One day at midnight Ramu got up and trying to take his baby outside. But at that time the baby cried and rupa snatched her daughter from his husband. She understood her daughter isn't safe.

                 Ramu's mother asked him to marry again. Ramu agreed.  Then they both planed together and expelled the rupa with her daughter. Rupa went out of the house and crying. she was going to suicide, At that time a father of charge saved her and gave her shelter at the charge. Rupa worked in the charge. 

             Ramu married again and he got a boy. He and his mother were so happy. Ramu was so busy with his personal life.

Rupa was crying the whole night and prayed for her husband. 

20 years later ............
          Rupa's daughter Sanjana was so intelligent and she was good in study. Now she is an eye specialist. Rupa and her daughter were going to charge, suddenly Rupa looked A old man sitting beside the road begging "I have not eaten a lot for a few days, please give me some food". Rupa identified him and started to cry. Sanjana asked her mother what happened? Rupa said the beggar is your father. The beggar was Ramu.

         They took Ramu to the hospital. Sanjana realized that her father could not see, but after an operation, her father could see again. Sanjana went to meet her father. Ramu could not recognize his daughter and said thank you, doctor, God bless you. Sanjana said if you want to say thank you please say, my mom, because she helped you. Ramu said please take me to that great lady, I will say her thank you.
my daughter is my proud

           Sanjana took her mother to her father. Ramu could recognize Rupa, He was crying and said please forgive me, I am very very sorry. Rupa kept her hand on his head and said don't cry, I need your blessing.

         She asked about his life. Ramu said After driving you away, my destiny broke. After some days my mother was dead. The relationship was good with Paro (second wife) as long as I used to earn it. But when I have lost my eyes and couldn't earn,  She started misbehaving with me. they didn't give money for the operation of my eyes. One day my son snatched my all property and took me out of my house, Now I am a beggar. I tried to find you but didn't get your address. I know, My mistakes are not forgiven but if you can forgive me. 

        Ramu asked about his daughter. Rupa said Sanjana is your daughter, Now she is an eye doctor, She has made your eye operation. Ramu's eyes were filled with water. He never loved her daughter and misbehaved all the time. Today he got his eyes for his daughter. He blessed his daughter and said "My daughter is my proud"

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