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An old man and Selfish Daughter

An old man and Selfish Daughter
An old man and Selfish Daughter

          An old man and Selfish Daughter is a sad, motivational and inspirational But when we understood our mistake, There is nothing to do and misunderstanding is broke a relationship, without regret. Now I am starting this short story.

               An old man lived with his daughter. His name was Mr.Roy and His daughter name was  Sanchita. She loved her father so much and cared him. Sanchita read in college. They were happy with their life
                 One day Mr.Roy was sitting in a restaurant. Beside of him, there was sitting a boy and a girl. The girl was crying and told him please don't leave me, I left my parents for you, Now where I will go. The boy told her I don't know what you will do please leave me and he had gone.

              After listening, Mr.Roy was upset and went to his house. He was thinking about his daughter. But he believed that before taking any decision my daughter will ask me. 

                 One week later that day came. Sanchita went to college but every day she returns 5.30pm but now 6.30pm she didn't return. Mr.Roy thought that after a while she will come. It's at 8.30pm she didn't return. Mr.Roy was worried and phoned to Sanchita's friends but they couldn't tell about Sanchita. Now at 9.30pm, He couldn't understand what he will do. He phoned all relative but they couldn't tell about his daughter. Mr.roy was blubbering. Suddenly who had knocked the door? Mr.Roy ran to the door and opened. He is shocked. A girl entered into the room. She was wearing red color saree. Mr.Roy looked her face. She said papa I am married please forgive me. But It was unexpected to Mr.Roy.

                   Mr.Roy told her to get out from his house. She was crying and left his house. At that time Mr.Roy looked at his daughter's husband face, He is that restaurant boy who destroyed a girl future.  He was trying to call his daughter but she didn't listen to him. He understood his daughter is blind in love.
An old man and Selfish Daughter

10 year's later.

              Sanjukta had one son and one daughter and Her husband divorced her. Her uncle helped her to buy a restaurant. 

Her uncle informed that his father has died. It was good news to her because of her father expelled her from his house. She hated her father so much. She doesn't want to watch his father face last time. But her uncle told her to go to her father house. At last, she agreed and thought I will go for timepass.

She arrived at her father house. Everybody was crying but she didn't cry. Sanjukta was so far from her father. At that time her uncle came to her and give a letter and said it is your father's letter, please you read it. She thought after finishing all the work I will read this letter. 
                In the evening after finishing all the work, everybody has gone, she returned her home and started to read the letter. There was written, My angel I know you are angry on your father. Please, you forgive me. I know I expelled you from my house. So you were in trouble but I also was suffering. When you were 6 years old your mother died but I didn't make you feel your mother's empty. At that time the whole night, you didn't sleep and crying, I was sitting with you. One day you fell down and cut your leg. I also cried with you. when you went to school, I waited for you. When you were suffering from the fever then Sitting beside of you I was trying to make you smile otherwise if you cried I also cried with you. Your high school exams time whole night you studied and I made tea for you. In your all work I supported you. But you married as a boy who played with huge girls life. I was trying to tell you about that boy but you were blind in love so couldn't listen to me. 

                 My little angel, I am your father before marriage you should ask me. I dreamt to decorate you a red angel and arranged a big marriage party.  But my all dreams were broken. In my Almira, there is your mother's jewelry and my all property I have written of you and your children. My little angel if you understood and believed me. I am not your enemy. When you first time came after marriage, I was broken. I didn't pass any day when I didn't cry. You have taken a big decision of your life but didn't ask me. Now you are a mother so you can feel If your sons hurt you. But I pray to god you don't get hurt from your sons. You forgive me as a bad father. My little angel god bless you. 
upset girl

             She understood her mistake. She was crying and regretted. At that time her uncle came to her and said you needed money to buy your restaurant so your father gave money, I didn't give. Now she is alone without her father...

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