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my daughter is my proud/a short emotional story

My Daughter is my proud

         Today I am going to tell a short story about a girl. She is neglected because she is a girl.  In India in a remote area, huge girls are killed. If in a family is born a girl, then it is a curse. They give more importance to the boy because the boys take the family forward. They give more importance to the boys because the boys take the family forward. But they don't know, a girl is the main part to forward any family. let's start..... 

               Ramu is an Auto Rickshaw driver. He is 32 years old. He has an old mother. One day Ramu's mother told Ramu please you marry and show my grandson's face. Ramu said no I won't marry. His mother was crying and told Ramu, I will die without seeing my grandson's face. Ramu understood and he said ok I will marry. His mother was looking for a girl for her son. 

            Ramu had a girlfriend, her name is rupa. Ramu's mother selected a girl for her son. But Ramu told his mother, he loves a girl very much and will marry her. His mother did not agree but at last, she agreed.

            Ramu married. He was so careful about his wife. Six months later, Ramu's wife was pregnant. Ramu and his mother demanded a son. So rupa was in tension. She thought What will happen if my daughter comes. Ramu's mother said Rupa, give me a grandson. Rupa was scared as the delivery date was coming.

father and daughter

             Rupa was admitted to hospital and a beautiful girl was born. But Rupa's husband and her mother-in-law didn't come to meet her. Rupa was crying and thinking about her loving day.

               Now rupa returned to her home. But her husband and his mother started to misbehaved with Rupa. Ramu and his mother beat her. They told Rupa to leave her daughter along the road. But Rupa wasn't agreed. Her husband became cruel on rupa. He told I can't give you money to maintain your daughter. She started looking for work door to door. She got work. She carried her daughter and worked together. One day at midnight Ramu got up and trying to take his baby outside. But at that time the baby cried and rupa snatched her daughter from his husband. She understood her daughter isn't safe.

                 Ramu's mother asked him to marry again. Ramu agreed.  Then they both planed together and expelled the rupa with her daughter. Rupa went out of the house and crying. she was going to suicide, At that time a father of charge saved her and gave her shelter at the charge. Rupa worked in the charge. 

             Ramu married again and he got a boy. He and his mother were so happy. Ramu was so busy with his personal life.

Rupa was crying the whole night and prayed for her husband. 

20 years later ............
          Rupa's daughter Sanjana was so intelligent and she was good in study. Now she is an eye specialist. Rupa and her daughter were going to charge, suddenly Rupa looked A old man sitting beside the road begging "I have not eaten a lot for a few days, please give me some food". Rupa identified him and started to cry. Sanjana asked her mother what happened? Rupa said the beggar is your father. The beggar was Ramu.

         They took Ramu to the hospital. Sanjana realized that her father could not see, but after an operation, her father could see again. Sanjana went to meet her father. Ramu could not recognize his daughter and said thank you, doctor, God bless you. Sanjana said if you want to say thank you please say, my mom, because she helped you. Ramu said please take me to that great lady, I will say her thank you.
my daughter is my proud

           Sanjana took her mother to her father. Ramu could recognize Rupa, He was crying and said please forgive me, I am very very sorry. Rupa kept her hand on his head and said don't cry, I need your blessing.

         She asked about his life. Ramu said After driving you away, my destiny broke. After some days my mother was dead. The relationship was good with Paro (second wife) as long as I used to earn it. But when I have lost my eyes and couldn't earn,  She started misbehaving with me. they didn't give money for the operation of my eyes. One day my son snatched my all property and took me out of my house, Now I am a beggar. I tried to find you but didn't get your address. I know, My mistakes are not forgiven but if you can forgive me. 

        Ramu asked about his daughter. Rupa said Sanjana is your daughter, Now she is an eye doctor, She has made your eye operation. Ramu's eyes were filled with water. He never loved her daughter and misbehaved all the time. Today he got his eyes for his daughter. He blessed his daughter and said "My daughter is my proud"

Friday, November 09, 2018

An old man and Selfish Daughter

An old man and Selfish Daughter
An old man and Selfish Daughter

          An old man and Selfish Daughter is a sad, motivational and inspirational But when we understood our mistake, There is nothing to do and misunderstanding is broke a relationship, without regret. Now I am starting this short story.

               An old man lived with his daughter. His name was Mr.Roy and His daughter name was  Sanchita. She loved her father so much and cared him. Sanchita read in college. They were happy with their life
                 One day Mr.Roy was sitting in a restaurant. Beside of him, there was sitting a boy and a girl. The girl was crying and told him please don't leave me, I left my parents for you, Now where I will go. The boy told her I don't know what you will do please leave me and he had gone.

              After listening, Mr.Roy was upset and went to his house. He was thinking about his daughter. But he believed that before taking any decision my daughter will ask me. 

                 One week later that day came. Sanchita went to college but every day she returns 5.30pm but now 6.30pm she didn't return. Mr.Roy thought that after a while she will come. It's at 8.30pm she didn't return. Mr.Roy was worried and phoned to Sanchita's friends but they couldn't tell about Sanchita. Now at 9.30pm, He couldn't understand what he will do. He phoned all relative but they couldn't tell about his daughter. Mr.roy was blubbering. Suddenly who had knocked the door? Mr.Roy ran to the door and opened. He is shocked. A girl entered into the room. She was wearing red color saree. Mr.Roy looked her face. She said papa I am married please forgive me. But It was unexpected to Mr.Roy.

                   Mr.Roy told her to get out from his house. She was crying and left his house. At that time Mr.Roy looked at his daughter's husband face, He is that restaurant boy who destroyed a girl future.  He was trying to call his daughter but she didn't listen to him. He understood his daughter is blind in love.
An old man and Selfish Daughter

10 year's later.

              Sanjukta had one son and one daughter and Her husband divorced her. Her uncle helped her to buy a restaurant. 

Her uncle informed that his father has died. It was good news to her because of her father expelled her from his house. She hated her father so much. She doesn't want to watch his father face last time. But her uncle told her to go to her father house. At last, she agreed and thought I will go for timepass.

She arrived at her father house. Everybody was crying but she didn't cry. Sanjukta was so far from her father. At that time her uncle came to her and give a letter and said it is your father's letter, please you read it. She thought after finishing all the work I will read this letter. 
                In the evening after finishing all the work, everybody has gone, she returned her home and started to read the letter. There was written, My angel I know you are angry on your father. Please, you forgive me. I know I expelled you from my house. So you were in trouble but I also was suffering. When you were 6 years old your mother died but I didn't make you feel your mother's empty. At that time the whole night, you didn't sleep and crying, I was sitting with you. One day you fell down and cut your leg. I also cried with you. when you went to school, I waited for you. When you were suffering from the fever then Sitting beside of you I was trying to make you smile otherwise if you cried I also cried with you. Your high school exams time whole night you studied and I made tea for you. In your all work I supported you. But you married as a boy who played with huge girls life. I was trying to tell you about that boy but you were blind in love so couldn't listen to me. 

                 My little angel, I am your father before marriage you should ask me. I dreamt to decorate you a red angel and arranged a big marriage party.  But my all dreams were broken. In my Almira, there is your mother's jewelry and my all property I have written of you and your children. My little angel if you understood and believed me. I am not your enemy. When you first time came after marriage, I was broken. I didn't pass any day when I didn't cry. You have taken a big decision of your life but didn't ask me. Now you are a mother so you can feel If your sons hurt you. But I pray to god you don't get hurt from your sons. You forgive me as a bad father. My little angel god bless you. 
upset girl

             She understood her mistake. She was crying and regretted. At that time her uncle came to her and said you needed money to buy your restaurant so your father gave money, I didn't give. Now she is alone without her father...

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hard worker father a lazy son/Inspirational Story /motivational story/life changing story

Hard worker father and a lazy son

Hard worker father and a lazy son
Motivational story(Heart touching story)

           Some boys within us don't give value to anyone. Their Parents do hard work but don't respect them. they feel that life is enjoyable. They don't take responsibility of their parents and go ahead to unknown way. They don't care anybody. They believe that getting success is very easy. But when that's time comes to maintain their family they escaped from their responsibility. Now I am going to tell a short motivational story. 

              A farmer did hard work from morning to night and maintain his family. Economical condition of his family was not good. He tried to fulfill his family's demand. 

                 But his son was lazy. He slept a long time and didn't work. He spent huge time with his friends. He stole money from his father and wasted on his friends. He didn't respect anyone. He believed that life is fun. His father was so worried about his son. 
                      His father was so worried. One day he called his son and told him now you have to do work. If you don't earn money till evening so can't enter home.

                          His son thought it is very easy to earn money. At first, he went to his friends but they didn't help him. He thought I spent huge money on my friends, Today I need money but they didn't help me. He was upset. He returned home and his mother gave him some money.  His father called him. He gave money to his father. His father told him to throw money from the window to outside. He threw money from the window.

            His father understood and sent his wife to her father's house, So there was no one to help his son.
He was worried. Next day who will help him. Now he went to his sister and told all the matter, So she helped him some money. He went to his father and gave him money. Again his father told him to throw money from the window to outside. He threw money from the window.

              His father understood and sent his daughter to his relative's house, So there was no one to help his son.

           Now he was searching job but did not get. At least he got a job as a labor and earned money. He went to his father and gave him money. Again his father told him to throw money from the window to outside. This time he was so angry and told his father I can't throw my money because I got this money by hard working.
His father smiled and told him if anyone abused your labor, a feeling comes like you.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Learning is the main key to success/motivational story

story of success

                   Learning is the main key to success, If you continue learning in your life, then the way of success will be so easy. You have to be ready for learning. Your knowledge will increase. Your knowledge will help you to go ahead to your success. When you will think that you have enough knowledge and stop to learn, At that time a stair of your success will go away. Now I am going to tell a short story.

          Once upon a time, A man made god's idol and sold in the market. He earned 1000 rupees. Every day he made god idol and sold in the market, earned1000 rupees. It was his daily life, making and selling. 
         One day he understood, he is going to be an old man and can't work properly. His son name is billu. So he thought, He will teach billu. how to make god idol.
         After that, Billu made god idol and sold in the market. He got 300 rupees but He was upset. His father asked why are you upset. Billu said, today I have earned 300 rupees but you earned 1000 rupees. His father told I am happy you have got 300 rupees. It's your first income.  my son, don't be upset, again I will teach you.
          Again his father taught him. There After, Billu made god idol and sold in the market. He has earned 500 rupees, But he wasn't happy.

           His father started to teach him. This time he earned 700 rupees but he wasn't happy. His father said your earning is increasing, so be happy. 

         His father taught him. Billu sold his god idol and this time he was very happy. He said, his father, Today I am very happy because I earned 1200 rupees. His father said now I will teach you how to earn 1500 rupees. His son smiled on his father and told, you will teach me, In your whole life you got 1000 rupees but I crossed you. So I don't need your teaching. 

           His father told, "My father earned 700 rupees and he taught me, I earned  200-300 rupees. One day I crossed my father earning, I earned 1000 rupees, I stopped learning and my earning didn't increase. So your earning was increasing because you were learning. But you stopped your learning so your earning will be stopped.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to get success?/K.F.C founder biography

       Biography of  K.F.C Founder Colonel Harland David Sanders

How to get success?
                         Success, This word is too small. But so valuable for our life. You try to get success, for this, You are running and running. After that when you don't get, feel weakness. you lose your aim and self-confidence. If you fall down, don't try to stand up. you drive yourself in the wrong way. At last, you think that I can't, and quit. 
                                 You should keep patience, and do hard work. When you fall down, try to stand up. Failure comes to our life to teach us. You should learn. Your future is a white paper, you have to write your future. Now I am going to tell a short story, who wrote his own future. 

                                Colonel Harland David Sanders was born on September 9, 1890, lived at Henry ville, Indiana. His father name is David Sanders and mother name is Margaret Sanders. He was eldest of three children. He was 5 years old his father died(1895). His mother went outside for working and his brother and sister responsibility came on him. He was 7 years, his mother taught him cooking. He liked to cook chicken. His mother remarried. Stepfather and Sander's relationship was worse.  
                            At age 13, He dropped studyleft the house. After that, He joined painting horse carriages in Indianapolis. When he was 14, joined as a farmhand. In 1906, he lived with his uncle in New Albany, Indiana. His uncle worked for streetcar company, He settled sanders a job as a conductor. After that, he worked as a fireman. At that time he met Josephine King, they were married early. They had one son and two daughters. (in 1932 his son and two girls died). 
                                 "After that, he worked as a fireman. He started a rebellion with a colleague, Sanders lost his job in Illinois.  Leaving Sanders, Josephine and the children went to live with her parents. He tried to move his family with him but failed.
                               He returned with his mom to Henryville. After that he did huge types of works, He worked as a laborer on the Pennsylvania Railroad, He sold life insurance. In 1920, Sanders established a ferry boat company But failed. He jobed as a salesman for the Michelin Tire Company. Michelin Tire Company was closed, he lost his job.
                              In 1930, Sanders started selling various food items near a petrol station in Kentucky. In1939 His first success came, He himself made a pressure cooker and cooked fried chicken. In 1950 the Governor of Kentucky gave him the title 'Colonel' which was the highest honor for a state. In 1952, He started thinking about his business. But suddenly government captured all government's places for making high way, so sanders sold his restaurant and got $105 as a security money. 
                             sanders are not acceptable. He carried pressure cookers, flour, chicken, other items of his own made recipe and started, roam all the restaurant's door to door.  If the recipe is good, then the recipe will be signed. It was very difficult. Someone laughs at someone's hearing, someone said crazy, and someone refused to make any kind of agreement even after choosing the recipe. 
                               But He did not stop. The effort was successful once. Until 1963, He contracted with nearly 600 restaurants. In the same year, in October, a rich man named Jake C Messi received an application for buying royalty rights for his recipe. At first sander's didn't show interest but thought, his recipe will spread to the world. In January 1965, he sold his World-owned recipe for two million dollars. According to the agreement, the Kentucky Fried Chicken company will open its own restaurant in the whole world and will not be allowed any kind of recipe. Sanders will receive 40,000 dollars as a salary for the whole life. He will be the owner of the most share and brand ambassador.
Until his death in 1980, Sanders ran out of miles after mile. 
                              Sanders showed how to get success. He is as a person who can make his own world. whole life He was rejected and unsuccessful. But didn't give up. At last, He got success at 62 years old.  

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talking tom very funny story

talking tom very funny story
 talking tom

          My all friends this is a funny story.  Now starting a story of talking tom.....................                                   
         Tom is a  millionaire and he tries to fulfill his wife demands. All time she demands jewelry. Tom's business is running in loss. But his wife demand was increasing. She doesn't care. She spends huge money on her family. 
         Alas! tom has come from millionaire to the road for his wife demand. If he couldn't fulfill his wife demands so his brother- in- law beats him. Tom was a servant of his wife. Some time's he thought to give poison to his wife. If becoming ghost his wife scares him. So this plan is canceled. 
         Tom lend huge money from the market, but couldn't return them. So debtors beat him. 
         Tom was sitting under a tree and he was very upset. At that time his friend cherry was going from there, He met tom. Tom said about his life. Cherry got an idea and told tom, you have to hide. Cherry called to Tom's wife and her family and told them tom is death. 
             Tom's wife was a new servant. Her mother said that you have to do all the homework. She hasn't money. They misbehave with her. She was queen and came to the servant. She was sitting under a tree and crying about tom. Cherry asked tom's wife why she is crying. She said about her life. Cherry took her to the tom. Tom was alive. She was surprised and understood her fault. They started a new life.